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General information for cutflowers and potplants

"Flora Direct" is a service provider to the larger buyers and operates on the concept of contract delivery to the buyer in order to reduce the handling of flowers and furthermore to ensure that the larger buyers receive the product required for their constant orders and big functions.

Contracts will be drawn up between the purchaser and the supplier, which will bind both parties to the agreement. Multiflora will remain in control of all contracts.

Buyers need only supply Flora Direct with their requirements. The offices are situated at Multiflora. Requirements can be placed telephonically, by fax or by e-mail; or may be delivered personally to "Flora Direct". All requirements must be handed to Flora Direct at least one week in advance.

Thereafter enquiries will be done and the "Flora Direct" offices will get into contact with the buyer with the necessary agreements.

The contract will contain all requirements to ensure quality packaging of the flowers as well as the timeous delivery of the product. For the purposes of quality and service delivery it will also contain other requirements such as quantity required, which days deliveries are to take place on, stem length, weight and other appropriate information.

Greenhouse now open at entrance 2.

Costs And Payments To "Flora Direct" Cut Flowers

Flowers can be received at the Multiflora grounds and be collected from there by the buyer.

All administration will be handled by the "Flora Direct" offices.

Different commission fees will be charged on different contracts. Information available at the Flora Direct offices.

For any enquiries kindly do not hesitate to contact:


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Brian Calvert 011 613 4011 086 240 3675 brian@multiflora.co.za
Sonja Pretorius 011 613 4011 086 240 3675 Sonja@multiflora.co.za

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