Flower Care at Home

flower care

Can you increase the vase life of your flowers?

Absolutely, see the example below, where the roses on the left have been given only water, and those on the right have been treated with a flower food. This is just one such example. All flowers will benefit from a little extra care, and give you the reward of bigger blooms and a longer vase life.

Care for your fresh cut flowers to make them last longer:

Once flowers are cut from the mother plant they are deprived of water, food and growth regulators normally supplied by the mother plant. In order to develop in a natural way we have to supply the flowers these ingredients dissolved in water every time the water is replenished. Cut flower foods contain all the necessary ingredients for a natural development of stems, leaves and flower petals, as well as size, colour and scent.

Flowers are grown, shipped and sold worldwide. During this trip the flower stem carries the growers‘, traders‘ and florists‘ micro-organisms flora all the way into the consumer‘s vase. Therefore the vase solution is a very dynamic, continuously changing "soup" of micro-organisms.

The vase water starts clean and clear and often ends up very murky and smells. Micro-organisms are continuously eating from the flower stem, especially damaged stems. This decomposing of the stem is a major cause for bacterial growth, smell and cloudiness of the vase water. This results in flower buds which do not open or wilt quickly.

Tips on cut flower care

Some practical tips, so that you can enjoy your flowers for much longer:

You can download instructions on how to correctly soak OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife Bricks here.

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