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Flower Care at Retail and Trade level

Modern retail florists are becoming more aware of, and concerned for, the quality of their flowers.

Importers, flower wholesalers, exporters and florists need an optimal quality of their flowers to get satisfied customers.

Thus the "chain of life" of a flower has become more important. Each link in the chain has to be committed to the proper care, conditioning and handling of their flowers. It starts with grower, where it is important that the proper post-harvest treatments are implemented, and the cold chain implemented. Next, there are the wholesalers, bouquet makers and retailers who should give proper hydrating and processing solutions before arranging and displaying flowers in containers with a flower food. Again the cold chain must be maintained throughout the process. Lastly, consumers should also provide nourishment, using cut flower food sachets or liquid cut flower food.

Conditioning products are available for this part of the chain, and it is recommended that they be used to enhance the product quality and ensure the reputation of cut flowers as value for money to consumers.

Some examples of Conditioners are:

You can download instructions on how to correctly soak OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife Bricks here.

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